ASG National Conference 2016

Indianapolis was the birthplace of the American Sewing Guild and it was the site for its 2016 Annual Conference. Four Sew Chicago members were there to meet sewing enthusiasts from all over the country, expand our knowledge of sewing and design and add to our collections of fabric, patterns, books and tools. We arrived late […]

Technique Boutique Kick-Off

At Sew Chicago’s January meeting, we introduced our Technique Boutique series in which we take an in-depth look at some essential sewing techniques. We started with zippers, covering lapped and invisible applications. We followed up with Homework Helper posts on this blog to solidify what was shown in the meeting and provide additional information. Preparing […]

Invisible Zipper and Facing Homework Helper

Now for the easiest zipper application ever, and a cool trick to make the facing lie nice and smooth. Invisible zippers and conventional zippers are handled differently. For one thing, invisible zippers are inserted before the seam is sewn, so you are working from two unattached garment pieces. Also, because the invisible zipper creates a […]

Zipper Homework Helper 2

The first technique for applying a lapped zipper works really well, but what if you are “allergic” to basting that has to be removed? Or what if you forgot to add the extension to your pattern piece before you cut your fabric (or, like me, you added it to both and then cut it off […]

Zipper Homework Helper 1

Sew Chicago started 2011 with the first in our Technique Boutique series, Zippers and Beyond. As promised (or threatened), there IS homework: choose one of the techniques and either make a sample or incorporate it into a garment, then bring it next month for Sew and Tell. There’s no need to worry if your attention […]


Wow! Such the reaction from the last zipper post, “I am not an invisible zipper!” both online and offline. Even my non-sewing friends have mentioned that they are seeing zippers everywhere…and not looking to see if “garage doors” are open. 😉 Then, in my weekly perusal of sewing-related sites and blogs, Susan Khalje has written […]

Zippy Solutions

While recuperating from an abundantly joyful Thanksgiving, I watched Cynthia Guffey‘s enormously helpful DVD, “Complete Guide to Zippers.”  I met Cynthia for the first time at this year’s Original Sewing & Quilt Expo, where I took her classes on Fitting the Upper Back Curve, Fitting Below the Waist, Attaching a Collar, and the phenomenal all-day […]