“Meet” Sarah Veblen

Members of Sew Chicago have heard me sing the praises of sewing educator and author, Sarah Veblen, for quite some time. We are working to bring Sarah to the Chicago area for a hands-on fit workshop next spring, and Sarah’s first book, The Complete Photo Guide to Pattern Fitting, is due to be published in […]

Fit Quest

Fit: the tiny word that causes untold frustration. It’s the Holy Grail of garment sewers. It’s probably the number one reason home sewers give up garment sewing. My personal sewing library includes an entire section devoted exclusively to fit. Then there are the “systems” and products promising the perfect fit that so many of us […]

Draped to Fit

What happens when you average out all the different variations in the female form to develop a standard for commercial patterns?  You end up with a pattern that fits almost nobody. This is actually good news. As frustrating as it is to have to adjust every single pattern we buy, it’s reassuring to know we […]

Postcards from Summer Camp – Part 3

It wouldn’t be camp without some awards to take home to show mom and dad. So, in no particular order, here are our Oh2Sew 2010 Summer Camp Champ trophy winners. (Winners: feel free to print out the badge on the left and display them proudly!) Most Popular Camper Award goes to Wendy’s new Omniglide Trolley. […]

Postcards from Sewing Camp – Part 2

Today was another fun day at Louise Cutting’s Oh2Sew Sewing Intensive Weekend workshop! Today, we played with paperdolls and fabric squares as we learned to fine-tune some of our techniques for turning facings and the correct places to make pattern adjustments. We “slashed and spread” quarter-sized pattern pieces to figure how to alter patterns to […]

Postcards from Sewing Camp – Part 1

Sew, here we are in Florida at Louise Cutting’s Oh2Sew Sewing Intensive Weekend workshop, which we refer to as Sewing Camp. Liz C., Nancy, Tina and Wendy spent today making a comprehensive measurement chart and creating a “working muslin” of One-Seam Pants. Louise calls it a “working muslin” because we are making the pants out […]