ASG National Conference 2016

Indianapolis was the birthplace of the American Sewing Guild and it was the site for its 2016 Annual Conference. Four Sew Chicago members were there to meet sewing enthusiasts from all over the country, expand our knowledge of sewing and design and add to our collections of fabric, patterns, books and tools. We arrived late […]

Vintage-Inspired Curvy Girl Prom Dresses

This stunning dress and matching chiffon scarf are the essence of understated elegance. Come prom night, someone with a vintage sense of style is going to feel like Grace Kelly, thanks to Sharleen. The ensemble is fashioned out of fabric that was donated to ASG. Sharleen used Burda 3345 as the springboard for the design. […]

Confessions of a Research Fanatic

I returned to sewing a few years ago after a long hiatus and I knew that my skills were not only rusty but seriously outdated. I also knew that, perfectionist that I am, I would abandon sewing yet again if I wasn’t happy with the results of my sewing efforts. That meant I needed to […]

2011 Curvy Girl Prom Dress Challenge

Now that the holidays are behind us and the wind chill is a number that makes your teeth chatter, it’s prime sewing season in Chicago. Not that we need an excuse to sew, but it’s a lot easier to spend our free time at our sewing machines when going outside means layering on half the […]

Sew Chicago on the Runway

Sew Chicago made quite a splash at the 2010 ASG Chicago Chapter Fashion Show. We showed 8 of the 51 entries for a total of 11 garments. Sewing machines were smoking and needles were flying into the wee hours of the morning, but it was well worth it.  (Those hem stitches that got progressively farther […]

Sew Chicago’s Wendy Grossman Interviewed on ABC

Go to school and you could become famous. That’s what happened to Chief Instigator Wendy when she went to a serging class at Vogue Fabrics last week. Local ABC news journalist, Leah Hope, reports in her September 20 segment “Back To Basics” that skills such as sewing which was traditionally handed down from mothers to […]

Draped to Fit

What happens when you average out all the different variations in the female form to develop a standard for commercial patterns?  You end up with a pattern that fits almost nobody. This is actually good news. As frustrating as it is to have to adjust every single pattern we buy, it’s reassuring to know we […]

Postcards from Summer Camp – Part 3

It wouldn’t be camp without some awards to take home to show mom and dad. So, in no particular order, here are our Oh2Sew 2010 Summer Camp Champ trophy winners. (Winners: feel free to print out the badge on the left and display them proudly!) Most Popular Camper Award goes to Wendy’s new Omniglide Trolley. […]

Celebrating National Sewing Month

Sew – a needle pulling thread…Ok, so Rogers & Hammerstein spelled it as S-O but I think they meant S-E-W. Silly songwriters. September is National Sewing Month! What are you sewing for National Sewing Month? Do you have anything planned? Replacing a button? On one of your tops, a significant other’s shirt or a Barbie […]