Sew Chicago’s 2017 Kickoff

Sew Chicago welcomed the new year in January with a lively roundtable discussion of favorite sewing tips. The business meeting was led by our new co-leader Stephanie King, who has  chosen the honorary title Chief Creative Officer. Liz Buckley-Geer brought in a great technique for inserting invisible zippers with a clean finish from an article […]

Border Prints Beyond Boho

We are all familiar with the traditional use of border prints in garments – place the border along the hem of a skirt or dress. At our June meeting, Sew Chicago explored other possibilities for using non-directional border prints and some tips about using these fabrics in garments. Liz H. treated us to a trunk […]

Sew creative to build a wardrobe

You know that feeling . . . the one you get when you open your closet and think, “Ugh. I Don’t have a thing to wear.” And in reality, your closet is bursting with clothes. What would you say to the possibility of eliminating that “ugh” feeling? How? Simple: sew creative to build a wardrobe. […]

Invisible Zipper and Facing Homework Helper

Now for the easiest zipper application ever, and a cool trick to make the facing lie nice and smooth. Invisible zippers and conventional zippers are handled differently. For one thing, invisible zippers are inserted before the seam is sewn, so you are working from two unattached garment pieces. Also, because the invisible zipper creates a […]

Zipper Homework Helper 2

The first technique for applying a lapped zipper works really well, but what if you are “allergic” to basting that has to be removed? Or what if you forgot to add the extension to your pattern piece before you cut your fabric (or, like me, you added it to both and then cut it off […]

Zipper Homework Helper 1

Sew Chicago started 2011 with the first in our Technique Boutique series, Zippers and Beyond. As promised (or threatened), there IS homework: choose one of the techniques and either make a sample or incorporate it into a garment, then bring it next month for Sew and Tell. There’s no need to worry if your attention […]

The Polar Express Comes Through My Sewing Room

Anyone who’s met me for 30 minutes easily figures out that I will do anything for my niece and nephew. So, when my sister-in-law emailed me saying my nephew needed a pillow for naptime at pre-school, with a removable cover, and did I have the time to make one? “NO PROBLEM,” Aunt Tina replied joyfully! The wheels […]