Sew Chicago Zooms Into the Future


As our March 2020 meeting time approached, we were scrambling to keep up with ever-changing recommendations and guidelines that have since become mandated restrictions on just about every aspect of city living. As concerns turned into necessity we had to act quickly to cancel our in-person meeting and look for an alternative way to come together and enjoy some semblance of normalcy. Co-Leader (a/k/a Chief Creative Officer) Stephanie Torres and I have been discussing taking steps to make it possible for members to participate in our meetings from remote locations. We tried this once several years ago, but the technology wasn’t quite there yet. Recently, Susan participated in a meeting via FaceTime from her new home out of state and it was great to have her “back” with us. We know it’s a major pain for members who live in the suburbs to get to downtown Chicago by 5:30 on a Friday and for some it’s pretty much impossible. The situation this month turned out the be the catalyst for making that discussion a reality.

We accomplished our objective with Zoom and some helpful guidance from Ashley and Sheila, as well as other members who use the platform for work meetings. It was so comforting to see those familiar faces on the screen and spend time talking about our shared hobby. We even managed a full Sew & Tell!

Ironically, the meeting program was a roundtable discussion of internet sewing resources. We focused primarily on free videos. Here’s a list of what we discussed:

You Tube

  • Silhouettes Patterns
  • Inside the Hem
  • Gertie’s World
  • Bernadette Banner
  • Evelyn Wood
  • Seamwork
  • National Sewing Circle
  • Angela Kane Sewing TV
  • Sew News TV
  • Creative Machine Embroidery
  • Sarah Veblen
  • J Stern Designs
  • Zipper installation video (Kenneth King)
  • Pamela’s Patterns
  • Andrea Schewe – How to Modify Sleeves for Better Armhole Mobility
  • TomKat Stitchery
  • Marcy Tilton

Internet Tutorials and Sew-Alongs

Sew & Tell

Rita showed us her Burda jeans in which she added lace to the pockets and yoke. She also modified the pattern to move the opening to go within a pocket instead of at center front to allow for a smoother look.

Rita also had a tunic with inset triangles from a Vogue pattern and showed us 5 pillowcases she has completed for the 2020 ASG Chicago community service project, Ryan’s Case for Smiles.

Steph showed us the fabulous dress she made to wear to her sister’s museum exhibition opening.


The cutouts echo shapes in the show pieces. Steph’s sister is sculptor Jennifer Torres and the show is called Misfit Children.

The rest of Sew & Tell was a progress report on the 2020 Sew Chicago Jacket challenge. Check out the latest on our challenge page.


3 thoughts on “Sew Chicago Zooms Into the Future

  1. Thank you Wendy and Steph for putting together a really terrific, cutting-edge meeting. Virtual hugs all around for making it happen!

  2. I live 120 miles from Chicago, but would be thrilled to participate in Sew Chicago’s remote meetings and am unfamiliar with platforms. Sure that there are others like me, would you advise as to how-to’s? Thank you!

    • I’m so glad you’re interested in checking us out! Email and I’ll add your email address to our evite list. After you RSVP you’ll receive a link for Zoom login. You don’t need a Zoom account to participate.

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