2019 wrap-up!

An entire year has passed and the blog has now been re-activated! 2019 was a great year and Sew Chicago members enjoyed many wonderful programs, had a great visit to Soutache for a button meeting and a fun time showing off pajama’s at the Chicago Chapter Annual Fashion Show.

We wrapped up 2019 with our Annual Holiday Luncheon at Italian Village Restaurant in Chicago.


Each year at the Holiday Luncheon everyone fills out a card with the ideas of programs that they would like for the upcoming year. These cards then get passed around the group and if you agree with the idea then you check the ‘me too’ box! Next, thee get collected and brought home to be tabulated, collated and interpreted to the best of my ability and the ideas get ranked in order from most requested down to least requested and the top 11 get chosen for programs. A wonderful way for us to get input from everyone about what the upcoming year will look like! To see the new 2020 program line-up head on over to the Calendar page.

IMG_0478 (2)

We also voted on what the Sew Chicago Challenge would be for the 2020 Chapter Fashion Show and this year. The overwhelmingly popular vote went for a Jacket and Coat challenge!! Since this is a bigger project we will be giving you ways to check in throughout the year to stay on track and have a newly created jacket or coat to be worn on the runway in October.

Ashley Jean, our talented member who also bakes and creates amazing cakes, cookies and all manner of delicious and fun baked goodies made us all a fun treat for the holidays- Button Cookies!! They were not only beautiful to look at but were also delicious to eat. Thank You to Ashley for sharing them with us.IMG_4677

We also enjoyed sharing a holiday gift with each other. It is always a grab bag style so bring a gift take a gift. I think everyone really enjoys this little tradition.IMG_4675

We are looking forward to sharing a wonderful 2020 with our Sew Chicago Neighborhood Group!

Happy Sewing!

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