Sweater Knits

April brought more snow and cold to Chicago than we want to think about, so our program about sewing with cuddly sweater knits felt just right.


Stephanie King whipped up a garment in a sweater knit, provided samples of others and walked us through the various techniques she tried for sewing seams and finishing edges. Steph reported on which techniques were most successful with each type of sweater knit. The key takeaway was that making samples is an absolute must.

We shared resources from the Internet, including helpful articles from Seamwork Magazine, Paprika Patterns, and the in-depth series by Kathryn Brenne at EmmaOneSock.com.

Sew & Tell included Liz Buckley-Geer’s art quilt show entry and the photos that inspired it, Rita’s wonderful preemie clothes that she and a fried are donating to a hospital and Debbie’s great graphic print tee.


Both Steph’s and Debbie’s Sew & tell incorporated different fabrics, which just happens to be the topic of our May meeting.

Rita won the participation prize, a Liberty of London tape measure.



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