Sew Chicago shows off our ‘Show your Bias’ on the runway!

Saturday October 28th was the Annual ASG Chicago Chapter luncheon and fashion show. Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves this year! We had a wonderful lunch, a very comprehensive selection of raffles prizes (More than I have seen in the past several years) Rhonda Buss from Rhonda’s Creative Life was the guest speaker.

Ticket Sales

Sew Chicago was in charge of the raffle sales! 

The Fashion Show had just under 50 entries with several of them being Neighborhood Group challenges.

This year the Sew Chicago group challenge was ‘Show Your Bias’. The rules of the challenge was that 50% of the garment you were sewing had to made on the bias and visible. In May of this year we had a presentation that started with Steph sharing a power point with inspiration garments and Wendy sharing some tips on working with bias garments and how to choose fabrics, patterns and techniques. It was a very good meeting that certainly inspired 4 of us to walk the runway!

Several member shared their bias garments at the May meeting for inspiration.


This is a great tidbit of information that Wendy shared during the meeting! Can’t say it any better than that!


And… here were the results of the ‘Show your Bias’ Sew Chicago Neighborhood Group challenge.

Bias Challenge

Steph K in a wool bias plaid skirt ensemble, Liz H in a cotton striped shirt with a bias back, Wendy G in a rayon Challis bias summer dress and Linda A in a Striped cotton bias cut blouse.

Now onto the rest of the show! Or at least a teaser… Our regular photographer just happened to volunteer as the emcee of the Fashion Show so we will have to wait for the professional photos to come back!

The parting shot is of Wendy, Steph and Liz in a selection of fashionable and fun outfits!


Don’t forget that Novembers meeting is being held on a special date, Friday November 17th. We will have a program on working with sheer fabrics and will have information for our December Holiday Luncheon.


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