At our December brunch, someone asked whether anyone had good ideas about what to do with scraps. That got us to thinking. Hats – the kind you sew, which once were called dressmaker’s hats – typically use about a half yard of fabric, plus even less for lining. And they can be downright adorable, so why not do a program on hats?

Our Chief Creative Officer, Stephanie King, took the idea and ran with it. She not only made samples to show and discuss, but she made up kits for everyone to take home and try themselves.here. As you can see, it makes an adorable hat worthy of Miss Fisher. The maroon wool fabric for the kits came from fabric that was donated to to the ASG Chicago chapter. Valerie Koppenhaver brought the fabric to the January Mary Ray workshop as a special treat for the attendees.


Steph showed samples of other hats she made, discussed the types of interfacing that work well (she put samples of those in the kits) and went over the simple construction process. She also demonstrated the proper method for measuring your head to choose the correct size and measured anyone who was interested on the spot.

Lee also brought in a sample of a hat she sewed for her daughter.

Steph’s Sew & Tell was her wonderful shirt with a dropped neckline and rolled collar following the instructions in Sarah Veblen’s article in Threads Magazine No. 182, December 2015/January 2016.

Liz Houlihan showed her fun top with the surprise in the back.This is from the new Marcy Tilton Vogue pattern #9207.

And both Liz and Steph showed us the Tremont Jackets they made in class with Linda Lee at Sewcial on February 11th. In the few days we’ve been back from that trip, Liz whipped up another version of the Tremont Jacket in a great striped silk dupioni she found at Fabrications in Richland, Michigan on the way home.

Sew & Tell also included Wendy’s first Appleton Dress and Lee’s latest purse with all sorts of organizer pockets.

We hope to see everyone at our March meeting- Incorporating Lace in Garments. You can see a full schedule of Sew Chicago meetings on the Calendar of Events page.


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