Sew Chicago at Soutache

November’s meeting was held at Soutache Ribbons and Trim. Maili Powell, owner of Soutache, keeps her shop open late for us, lets us use her wonderful space, bring in food and drinks and in return we all have time to shop her exquisite collections of ribbons, laces, trim and buttons. I think almost everyone at this meeting ended the evening with a new treasure or two! Some of us left with a quite a bit more ūüôā

The program for this meeting was a roundtable discussion of what we each learned and took away from the ASG national meeting in July. It was very nice to have a couple months to see what things we actually learned, started to use and put into implementation.

Linda Anders showed off her new gored skirt that she started at conference and brought home and completed! Linda also gave us the rundown on her conference experience, one of her goals was to try out different sergers since she is looking to make a purchase in the next year.img_9142

Wendy Grossman, our NG leader, showed off the necklines that she developed in the day long Neckline class with Sarah Veblen. These are still in the mockup stage and we are all looking forward to seeing what great neckline design Wendy comes up with in her next garment.

To follow along with the neckline theme, Stephanie and Wendy discussed the 1/2 day Jennifer Stern neckline class that they took. This class took the basic boatneck neckline form The Tee pattern and changed it up in many ways. Both members have gone ahead and run with the neckline variations! You can see Stephanie’s variations in this blog post- Neckline Extravaganza. Jennifer Stern has a wonderful booklet available and a class on Pattern Review called Beyond the Boatneck.¬†If this was a class that interested you and you could not make it to the national conference then this video class is just what you need! Guest member, Monica Walker, from the northern Virginia chapter just happened to be ¬†wearing one of her versions of The Tee.¬†teeworkbookcover-1024x576

Wendy discussed techniques from a class with Vaughn Pierce who teaches Heirloom sewing techniques. She showed off a sample with baby piping! A very delicate and lovely application.

The last roundtable discussion was on a class taught by Janet Pray on waistband and zippers. Wendy brought in the samples completed in the class and Stephanie showed off the burrito waistband techniques used on the skirt she wore that evening.Both agreed that they really enjoyed this class. Janet took her time and made sure that everyone was moving along. The format was a discuss, demonstrate and then hands on for each step of the project.IMG_1860

This brings us right into the details of the Sewcial retreat in Novi, Michigan in February. There will be shopping at Haberman’s on Friday, a day long class with Janet Pray on Saturday and a day long class with Linda Lee on Sunday. Several members are signed up to go! Here is the link to The Sewcial February retreat if anyone is interested in joining.

Valerie Kopppenhaver, ASG Chicago chapter president, joined us for the evening to show off samples from the latest Chicago chapter workshop given by Gail Patrice Yellen. Gail Patrice Yellen had a friday evening trunk show and two half day hands-on workshops. The first workshop was on embellishments and the second was a take on bound buttonholes.


Sew and Tell-

Linda showed off the shirt she wore in the chapter fashion show, complete with trim from Soutache!


Stephanie showed off a self drafted long wool princess seamed pencil skirt trimmed with chunky zippers and a Cynthia Guffey top trimmed with rayon ribbon from Soutache.

Special thank you to Maili Powell for keeping her store, Soutache, open quite late for us!

Reminder: December’s meeting is our annual Holiday Brunch on Saturday December 10th. Please check your inbox for the invite!

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