Sew Chicago walks the runway!

Thank you to all the Sew Chicago members that participated in the ASG Chicago chapter annual fashion show and luncheon.

We had 4 members, Wendy Grossman, Liz Houlihan, Linda Anders and Stephanie King walk the runway in the Sew Chicago Neighborhood group challenge of a buttoned down shirt. The criteria for the challenge was to make a button down shirt with collar and cuffs and at least one embellishment. The embellishment could be decorative topstitching, contrast fabric or actual embellished details such as trim or buttons.

The shirts ranged from casual to evening, fitted to relaxed and had a variety of details. Stephanie completed her look with a black layered skirt that had lovely movement as she walked.  Linda and Wendy wore pants they made from the Eureka! They Fit pattern from Fit for Art that Sarah Veblen fit on them in workshops.

The Chicago Chapter Fabric challenge had a large number of adult garments this year with a total of 8 tops and 5 or 6 entries for the accessories category. Due to the choice of fabric, a polyester silky, some of the other challenge sections were sparsely entered. Only one entry each for home decor, kids garments and doll clothing.

We had one entry from Sew Chicago from Stephanie King. It was Cynthia Guffey blouse t-2025 with ruched sleeves and neckline.


Sew Chicago generously donated a basket full of notions and 2 separate packages of batting for raffle giveaway prizes. Several other neighborhood groups also donated gift baskets for the raffle. Some of the best prizes were for fabric store gift cards! Linda Anders was the only one from our table to win a prize this year.



Our chief instigator, Wendy Grossman looked beautiful as she kicked off the runway show in her Neighborhood group challenge from LAST year! We finally got to see Wendy’s Spoonflower dress walk the runway. She did such a wonderful job on this dress and we can all agree that it was worth the wait to see it!

Wendy also showed off her ‘leaf’ dress that she made over the summer for a rehearsal dinner party in NYC. The time she spent on her pattern placement really pays off with the perfectly effortless look of this dress. This one was a real stunner and the audience really enjoyed it.

Stephanie also took to the runway to share 2 of her favorite garments. The first to go down was the beautiful yellow jacket ensemble that she made for her granddaughter’s baptism this past June. The yellow fabric is just so vibrant and full of life and those sleeves are works of art! The second garment was her ‘sneaker’ dress. This fabric was purchased in July at the ASG National meeting from Cutting Line Designs and before the end of the month this dress was completed. Yellow converse sneakers and yellow sunglasses complete this fun summertime look.

Thank you to all the Sew Chicago members that come out and supported the runway models and the Chicago chapter. Wendy Grossman, Liz Buckley-Geer, Linda Anders, MaryFran McMahon, Liz Houlihan, Danielle Schultz, Nicole Barker, Stephanie King and guest Melissa Janowicz.  We all had a lovely afternoon together! Next time I promise to get a group picture!



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