Accessorize Me!

The October meeting at Sew Chicago was all about accessories. As designers and sewists we spend a lot of time thinking about the clothes that we make. Many decisions come into play such as choices about color, silhouette, fabric type, construction details and more. As sewists we expect our garments to have a voice, to make a statement to the world and the people that we come in contact with. However, we  often struggle with how to accessorize our beautifully sewn garments. We all have our go-to shoes and our go-to jewelry that we just automatically reach for, it’s time to break free from those habitual motions and time to accessorize our garments thoughtfully.

If we just take a few extra minutes to reach outside our comfort zone you may just surprise yourself with what you can come up with! Try on different jewelry and shoes and just see how it looks. Ask a friend or a loved one their opinion or take a photo in the mirror of several choices, this allows you to take a step back and become an impartial viewer and look at the entire picture you are presenting not just focused in on a single area.

In our last meeting members were encouraged to bring the outfits that they would be wearing for the fashion show or any garment that they just wanted some help with accessorizing.

Wendy and I both brought our garments for the fashion show and we both ended up accessorizing differently than if we had been left to our own devices. Having a supportive group session to discuss and encourage was a perfect way to make accessory decisions. Thank you to everyone for your input.

October Sew and Tell:

We ended our meeting with a lively discussion started by Danielle. She posted the question to the group about what we all did with our old patterns, do we save them? or do we recycle them/give them away/throw them away? The group was pretty much split down the middle! Some of us keep them and save them for posterity and/or later use and some of us routinely get rid of old, unwanted or unused patterns. I personally, have a small house and do not have the room to store hundreds of patterns so I am not a saver and I also find too many patterns to be mentally cluttering. I believe Danielle said she has every pattern she has ever sewn up! What a great way to reminisce and to jog your memory on so many past projects. I can see merits to both saving and purging. Fell free to chime in and leave a comment on your opinion, should they stay or should they go?

We look forward to seeing everyone at the November meeting.

*Special date and place* Friday November 18th at Soutache.

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