Sew Chicago rings in 2016 with buttonholes!

Sew Chicago enjoyed a full house for the January Sew Chicago Eplores Buttonholes meeting! It was so great to see everyone post holidays, spend some time chatting about our latest sewing projects and enjoy the lovely snacks that Liz C. generously provided.

January’s presentation was all about buttonholes. Wendy presented us with several options of types of buttonholes. 

Many of the newer sewing machines come with a choice of buttonholes. For example, Wendy’s machine has 9 different automatic buttonholes pre-programmed. Most of us usually stick to just one or two of these. Wendy stitched them all out so that we could see them and the differences between them. Along with the samples, she handed out copies of what these were called in her sewing machine handbook so that we could compare them to what is available on our own sewing machines. Wendy’s samples launched us into a lively discussions around placket size, horizontal vs. vertical buttonholes, best way to sew on buttons and etcetera, etcetera. 

My favorite example of the night was how to incorporate slot buttonholes into a garment. In the picture above you can see how sophisticated a slot buttonhole can look! 

These examples also included different types of interfacing that can be used and how to cut open buttonholes. No one really wants to make the mistake of slashing through a buttonhole when it’s the last step on a garment! Carolyn demonstrated a nifty way to use a buttonhole cutter on a pice of wood that is a pretty darn foolproof way to keep from slicing open the bartacks on the buttonholes. Instead of laying the fabric flat over the piece of wood, in this case the apple shaped wood, you hold it up and let half the buttonhole drop off the edge and only cut half the buttonhole at a time.

Wendy’s handouts included different machine buttonhole variations, a basic directory of buttonholes and buttonhole loops, detailed instructions on how to sew hand worked buttonholes along with a sample where we each got to try our hand at sewing on a hand worked buttonhole and a comprehensive handout on Buttons and Buttonholes from the University of Kentucky Cooperative extension service.

Sew and Tell followed up our monthly programming, It is one of our favorite parts of the evening!

Wendy wore her beautiful new knit top with mesh sleeves and yoke, quite a lovely top and very sophisticated looking. ( see photos at top)

Left to right: Stephanie with a 4 fabric infinity scarf and an Appleton wrap dress. Mollie showing off her new pants and jacket and recalling her woes with buttonholes! Visitor, Mary Beth, showing off her knit dress and a hand knit bolero (not shown)  
 Mollie showing one of two sweaters that she knit! So impressive 🙂 and Stephanie showing a new lace knit cardigan and recalling woes of finding a run in the fabric. 
Please join us next month as Sew Chicago works with Choosing and Sewing with Lace. See the event page for additional information.

Happy Sewing!

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