Sew Chicago on the Runway

Yes, Sew Chicago is still alive and well and we do have plans to revive this blog.

Yesterday, ASG Chicago Chapter held its annual fashion show and Sew Chicago was well-represented. Nancy and Wendy coordinated all the garments and paced the models. This was our second year working together on this. Wendy also wrote the commentary and Tina was our fabulous emcee.

This year, we challenged ourselves to make garments from a single print on  We voted last winter and chose the print Entangled by Heather Dutton of Hang Tight Studio. The print comes in a variety of colors and all the fabrications Spoonflower has to offer.

Six of us embarked on the challenge and four of the garments made it to the runway. Wendy’s is in rehab and may emerge next summer. Carolyn’s won’t be seeing the light of day. Here are the four that walked the runway yesterday:

Spoonflower GroupThose great-looking models are, from left to right, Linda, Liz H., Steph and Susan. Steph is our newest member. Both Linda and Steph made their first ever fashion show appearance yesterday.

Sew Chicago was one of four neighborhood groups that had group entries yesterday. All told, there were 65 works presented on the runway. It was a fun day and a great way to inspire our members and guests to sew.

3 thoughts on “Sew Chicago on the Runway

  1. Nice job ladies! You all did a spectacular job. The fashion show was a great success and your outfits were a hit.

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