Happy Holidays with Sew Chicago

photoSew Chicago celebrated the holidays once again this year with a lovely brunch, gift exchange and Sew & Tell. Lee reminded me that the snowy morning was reminiscent of our very first field trip as a group when we visited the Chicago History Museum in February 2009. We’ve grown a lot since then. Our numbers have increased, our skills have evolved and our bonds with one another have grown stronger. May it continue long into the future.

Happy holidays to all.




2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays with Sew Chicago

  1. Hello! I am trying to find other sewing folk in Chicago area to ask advice from. I have basic sewing experience but I am looking to tune up my construction skills and move into learning more detailing, alterations, pattern making and tailoring. The advice I need is where a girl can find a good sewing class?? Most of the ones I have seen are a “learn to make this tote bag, next week learn to make an apron” kind of class, where (it seems) they teach specific items rather than skills at large and most of the places I have seen do not offer beyond basic classes or at least that is what I gather from their websites. If anyone in the group has recommendations of where to look it would be most appreciated!
    Also, if anyone would be willing to share information with me about the group (Do you have meetings? If so when/where? Are they open to all? What happens there -i.e is it free discussion, show and tell type feedback sessions?) I’d love to meet more people who are interested in sewing & get face to face discussion in!

    I look forward to a response and I thank you for taking the time to read this

    • Hi Kat.
      Sew Chicago is a Neighborhood Group of the American Sewing Guild (ASG). We welcome guests to attend two meetings before deciding whether to join ASG. If you would like an invitation to our January meeting, email sewchicago@gmail.com. Each meeting has Sew & Tell and an educational program about garment sewing techniques. As for classes, we need to talk further.

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