Decorative Stitches, Ribbons, Trims and Beautiful Buttons

Image 9 Soutache was the site of another fun and informative Sew Chicago meeting recently. Carolyn provided samples and sound advice for adding decorative stitches to everything from a sewing project that cries out to go a step beyond basic to thrift store finds. This was the second of Carolyn’s presentations on exploring the full potential of our sewing machines.

IMG_0073Carolyn encouraged us to make a sample of the different decorative stitches built into our machines, experiment with adjustments to those that are scalable and see what they can offer. She suggested rayon embroidery thread for decorative stitches on adult garments, because it is softer than polyester. Poly is a must for children’s wear, which is subjected to repeated machine washings. Carolyn also gave us advice about stabilizers, a must when adding that much thread to fabric.

IMG_0071The evening was extra special because we met at Soutache, where we were surrounded by lovely  ribbons, buttons, feathers, trims and other delights and we enjoyed the company of proprietor Maili Powell. Of course I did a “little” shopping and found the perfect buttons for upcoming jackets, as well as trim and buttons to make my “boo-boo jacket” wearable. What Maili describes as the “New World Headquarters” of Soutache is located across the street (Damen) from the original shop. A visit there is always a treat.

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