Sew Chicago Subway Art

ASG Sew Chicago Subway ArtTalented Sew Chicago member Debora Land made this fabulous Subway Art for us and had it framed. We displayed it with pride at last year’s ASG Chicago fashion show and it has a place of honor in my living room/sewing studio. Yes, it’s taken me much too long to post this, but not as long as it’s taken me to get pattern blocks that fit or sewing fabric in my collection that isn’t muslin!

Now that that’s out of the way, back to Debora, who does amazing things with an embroidery machine. She’s turned this talent and skill into a thriving business, Debora’s Custom Stitches. Debora lives in Germany, so we only get to see her in person a few times each year. It’s always a treat for us when she is here, and a great excuse to throw a Sewcial. And, as she reminds us whenever we see her, it’s a huge treat for Debora to be surrounded by good friends who “speak sew.”

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