Sewing on the Road

This week, I’ve discovered the joy of having a portable sewing studio. I spent two amazing days working with my friend/mentor Sarah Veblen fitting pants, working on new collar, neckline, dress and jacket designs and getting expert advice on some fine points of sewing techniques. Then it was off to Arlington, Virginia for the ASG Conference, where I’ve been spending time with fun, interesting and enthusiastic sewing fanatics like myself and continuing to learn.

Of course, not everything could fit in my luggage, so I’ve learned to do a little improvising this week. Pressing has been the area that required the most improvisation. Soooo, I discovered that a travel pillow not only works great at supporting your neck on the plane, but makes a pretty good stand-in for a pressing ham.

IMG_0001_2It’s getting the job done to get my wearable mock-up pants done. Speaking of which, I’m going to get back to that now so I can take my last two classes.

2 thoughts on “Sewing on the Road

  1. What a great idea and how wonderful to spend time with Sarah. Cannot wait to see what you’ve made from your trip. Keep sewing! No mas muslins.

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