Our Next Fashion Show Challenge

It was so exciting to see seven Sew Chicago members participate in our tee shirt/knitwear challenge at the 2011 ASG Chicago Fashion Show. Now it’s time to figure out what challenge would get your creative juices flowing for this year’s fashion show. Here are some ideas.

  • UFO Rescue Mission

Some UFOs aren’t worth saving, but others represent opportunities. They can be transformed into something terrific if we can let go of the original vision we had for the project and open ourselves to new possibilities. Would re-thinking something in that basket/box/drawer/cabinet of broken hopes and dreams inspire you?

  • It’s a Wrap

Make a shrug, shawl, poncho, cape or one of those thingies you can tie all sorts of ways. Make it sheer, cuddly, lacy, warm, sparkly, subtle or shiny. Wear it over something you’ve sewn that you want to show as well or whatever you’re wearing to the luncheon.

  • Elemental By Design

Unleash your inner designer by combining design elements from two or more patterns into a single garment.

  • Extra Dimensionality

Use texture in a garment, either overall or in particular areas such as the cuffs, a band, collar or pockets. Work with a fabric that has texture built in or create your own with one of the texturizing products on the market. Or, you could add ruching, puffing, corded pintucks, quilting, or anything else you can think of that adds a third dimension to some element of your garment.

  • Take it Up a Notch 

Add any kind of embellishment to any garment you sew.

Do any of these spark your interest? Or is there something else you’d like to try? Leave a comment with your own suggestions and we’ll put it to a vote.

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