Couture Wonderland


Imagine a place filled with the work of a brilliant couture designer. Now imagine that this is not a museum. The designer has invited you and your friends to not only look, but to touch, sketch, take pictures and examine her creations inside and out. Then, imagine the designer answers your questions and tells you exactly how she achieved many of her unique looks.

No, this isn’t a dream. This is the experience Sew Chicago had at the Elizabeth M Boutique. It was, quite literally, a feast for the senses.


To say we were inspired doesn’t even begin to describe the experience. The expressions on the faces of Liz and Lee say it best–it was nothing short of breathtaking.

Sadly, Elizabeth closed her boutique at the end of 2011. Fortunately, she will continue to design, and our time with her will serve as a source of inspiration well into the future. We wish you well, Elizabeth. And we thank you.

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