Organized Sewing Spaces

With so many demands on our time, the last thing anyone wants to do is waste precious sewing time searching for that notion, tool or fabric that is needed for a project. Many Sew Chicago members live in rather compact space and so organizing our sewing supplies is a must. Liz S. (yes, we now have three members named Liz) shared some of her ideas on making the most of limited sewing space at very low cost, leaving money in the budget to buy more fabric. How perfect is that?

“Think vertically,” Liz suggests. That could mean something as simple as stacking all the components of pending projects in box tops. Or, if you insist on being fancy, actual boxes. Lightweight serving trays purchased during post-holiday clearance sales hold small items such as beads, buttons and hand sewing essentials and can be stacked as well.

Liz uses plastic toolboxes to store and transport her sewing tools, and always has  an assortments of tote bags for fabric.

Liz creates extra work space instantly with inexpensive folding tables, and can create a classroom on the spot with a ready supply of folding chairs. And, she insists that every sewing space needs plenty of plastic trash cans within easy reach. Those really are the kinds of details that make a difference.

What are your favorite ways of organizing your sewing essentials? I use packing cubes for pending projects (if they can keep my luggage organized, why not my sewing?), and jumbo (2.5 gallon) plastic zipper bags for patterns I’ve altered that aren’t part of a pending project. Leave us a comment to share your best tips for conquering clutter in your sewing space.

One thought on “Organized Sewing Spaces

  1. Great tips! Patterns were my monster! I organize now just like the store! Keep pattern pieces in a large envelope filed numerically in banker’s boxes and the pattern envelope with the pretty picture, in a page protector in a 3-ring binder. Search no more!!! Saves tons of time!!
    – Nancy

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