More Curvy Girl Prom Dresses and Evening Bags

Here are the rest of Sew Chicago’s Dazzling Dozen Curvy Girl Prom dresses and the collection of Evening Purses with Panache that will make some lucky young ladies the envy of prom night. And there’s even more! This year the ASG Chicago Chapter took up the challenge along with us. Be sure to check them out too.

Linda’s Curvy Girl Prom Dress for 2011 is a floor-length charmer in a shade of green that evokes early spring. Linda used Simplicity 3785, building on last year’s experience with the pattern and choosing the option of a sparkly chiffon sash that twinkles when the lights are low.

Curvy Girls who like to make a bold statement will be delighted with the colorful print silky charmeuse Iona chose to make this fantastically fun dress from Vogue 8360.

Check out the great peek-a-boo back, which is made of a black poly that is satin on one side and sueded on the other. Iona provided a matching black wrap to ward off chills.

Liz C. gave us proof that the Art Deco look isn’t reserved exclusively for the tallest, skinniest of gals. Her Curvy Girl dress is made from Vogue 8645. The fabric looks like an iridescent taffeta, but it is actually rip-stop nylon!

The applique lends the dress its Art Deco vibe, and Liz added extra shimmer to the self belt. Speaking of the belt, it is held in place with thread chains. Very nicely done, Liz. This dress is so fabulous that it drew special attention from the Glass Slipper Project Board members.

Liz completed her ensemble with a matching evening bag. Lovely. 

Shannon’s floor-length halter dress is made of floaty chiffon the color of a fine red wine. (Clearly, I need to spend more time learning how to get Photoshop to show us the true colors of fabrics!) The chiffon straps tie around the Curvy Girl’s neck and will trail down gracefully down her back.

Heather used a hot pink taffeta donated to our project to make this simple sleeveless gown with a round yoke neck and shiny buttons in the back. Nice button loops, Heather!

Susan added a splash of crystal bedazzling to complete the look.

My contribution to this year’s Curvy Girl collection is a short dress in  aqua crepe-back satin using Butterick 5461.  Butterick deserves our praise and thanks for a pattern that was a dream to construct and for showing pictures of real women of varying body shapes on the pattern envelope. The only embellishment I added was a ruffle made of shimmery poly organza that matches the satin perfectly. Thank you, Supreme Novelty Fabrics! The ruffle is held aloft by monofilament fishing line inserted with a serger. Lesson learned on this project: when working with poly organza, Fray Check is essential. Thanks for the tip, Tina.

And now we come to the fabulous collection of evening bags Renee made. Each one is a jewel.

So there you have this year’s entire Sew Chicago Curvy Girl Prom collection.  But that isn’t all the Glass Slipper Project received from the ASG Chicago Chapter this year. Members of other Neighborhood Groups and some independent-minded members were inspired to join in the Curvy Girl Prom Dresses Challenge.  I’ll be posting pictures and descriptions of those dresses and accessories soon on the ASG Chicago Chapter blog.

4 thoughts on “More Curvy Girl Prom Dresses and Evening Bags

  1. I enjoy seeing the Curvy Girl dresses every year. Keep up the good work, all who contribute! And Wendy’s postings are a delight to read, as usual.

  2. Wendy, your photos and descriptions are every bit as beautiful as the turquoise organza ruffle. Fabulous work, and such a labor-intensive undertaking on your part that it’s clearly a labor of love.

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