Vintage-Inspired Curvy Girl Prom Dresses

This stunning dress and matching chiffon scarf are the essence of understated elegance. Come prom night, someone with a vintage sense of style is going to feel like Grace Kelly, thanks to Sharleen.

The ensemble is fashioned out of fabric that was donated to ASG. Sharleen used Burda 3345 as the springboard for the design. She put top A with skirt B, then cut off the top and added straps. The execution is exquisite. Just look at that fabric rose on the attached belt. The spaghetti straps Sharleen added are the thin “vermicelli” variety that are worthy of Susan Khaljie. And the narrow hem is done in metallic thread, which adds a subtle touch of sparkle. Breathtaking, isn’t it?

Another vintage inspiration comes from Jay Watts, who whipped up this beauty from an actual vintage pattern while attending the Tinley Park Neighborhood Group Sew-In. Can’t you just see this dress swishing and swirling around the dance floor?

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