Confessions of a Research Fanatic

I returned to sewing a few years ago after a long hiatus and I knew that my skills were not only rusty but seriously outdated. I also knew that, perfectionist that I am, I would abandon sewing yet again if I wasn’t happy with the results of my sewing efforts. That meant I needed to refresh and upgrade my skills. I started out looking around for sewing classes and was dismayed to find that there are plenty of classes in Chicago for beginners but virtually none for more advanced sewing. And good luck finding many sewing books in the bookstores!

The thing is, I’m a research fanatic (Actually I refer to myself as a research junkie, but I thought using that word as a headline for a post might draw the wrong kind of traffic to this blog :-).) Research is at the heart of what I do for a living, and I’m at my best when I’m tracking down authorities on obscure subjects. Fortunately, at the time I was approaching sewing skill development as a research project, the Internet was coming of age. That meant that I was able to find books and DVDs I could order online. Also, I was able to find inspiration in the pages of Threads Magazine, which introduced me to several excellent sewing educators in its articles and provided leads to other resources in its ads, which I scoured each time I received a new issue. And, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how valuable my ASG membership has been in my quest. ASG’s national conferences are filled with nationally-recognized sewing educators and the newsletters published by both the national organization and ASG Chicago Chapter are absolute must-reads whenever they arrive.

My research “habit” has led me to a new role in the ASG Chicago Chapter, which is Education Chair. In that capacity, I’m organizing educational events and I’ve begun an Educational Resources page on the new ASG Chicago blog. I’ll alert you here as that page expands to cover some of the books and DVDs that have and are helping me improve my skills and could do the same for you.

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Research Fanatic

  1. this is great Wendy! Congratulations on your educational mission. Very important role, and absolutely the right person for the position. Whenever you explain something I come away thinking, “Wow! How have I managed to sew for this long and NOT understand that?”

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