Sew Chicago on the Runway

Sew Chicago made quite a splash at the 2010 ASG Chicago Chapter Fashion Show. We showed 8 of the 51 entries for a total of 11 garments. Sewing machines were smoking and needles were flying into the wee hours of the morning, but it was well worth it.  (Those hem stitches that got progressively farther apart held up beautifully!) Commentary was provided by Jean Haas, who made everyone feel like a star.

Four of our entries were the group challenge using one of three Simplicity patterns Nancy chose for us. Nancy made an empire-waist dress with 3/4-length sleeves using Simplicity 2550. She chose a double knit and she used both the right side and wrong side for contrast.

Liz H. and I used Simplicity 2927. Liz H. made hers into an Easter dress from silk dupioni, featuring her signature piped seams made much easier with her new piping foot. I opted for a tunic out of cotton batik to pair with khaki capris made from the Cutting Line Design One Seam Pants pattern that Louise Cutting fitted for me at Sewing Camp in August.

Liz C. made a tunic from the third pattern, Simplicity 2472, which ASG Chicago Chapter president Connie Goldberg modeled while Liz C. attended a conference for work. Connie looked so great in the tunic and belt embellished with fabric roses from Soutache that she threatened not to return them to Liz!

Tina showed two festive party dresses in purple and dark green silks purchased from a famous designer’s closeout sale at Fishman’s Fabrics. My second outfit was my green tweed jacket from Vogue pattern 7975 and black rayon crepe slacks (a/k/a “Thousand Hour Pants”) that I wrote about on this blog a few months ago.

Liz H. wowed us with a dress and jacket ensemble made from two cuts of fabric she bought for $1 each at last year’s fashion show. With this, Liz H. has proven once again that she is both talented and resourceful!

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