Thank you Sew Chicago!

I walked away from sewing many years ago because I was forced to sew for a living in order to put food on the table and when things improved economically, I couldn’t bear to look at that sewing machine for quite some time.   Eventually, I did pull it out again and did “fun” things like make Halloween costumes for my kids and curtains for my windows.  It took a long time to commit to a challenging sewing project because it always seemed like “work” to me.   It wasn’t that I didn’t love the garment I envisioned or the fabric that I fell in love with.  Rather, it was a psychological issue – – I had to start to “love” sewing again and have fun with it.

Sew Chicago has been a big part of this new movement for me – the “loving to sew” thing!  So now I LOVE sewing again and can’t wait to get to my sewing room.  Sew Chicago is like an extension of my family and I love that I have made lifetime friends.  I love the projects we take on and the helpful advice we offer each other.  I love being with women of a like mind to share ideas with.  Of course, life continues to throw curve balls at me and once again, my sewing machine has been gathering dust of late – – not because I don’t want to look at it, but rather because family obligations, illnesses and relocations have taken up most of my year and my time.  Not to mention my work hours have increased to about 50 hours a week.  I continue to find little snippets of time whenever I can to work on what I love but it may still be a few months before I can consider a Saturday or Sunday afternoon of sewing.  Thanks to Sew Chicago and this blog, I am continually inspired and continue to stay excited about whatever the group is doing, either individually or as a group. 

Maybe my little post won’t mean much to you, or maybe it will help someone who may be feeling frustrated at times about having too many other things to do and not enough time to sew.  Visit this blog as often as you can.  You can’t help but be inspired!  We all have something to offer to each other and I felt compelled to offer this to you.  Sewing should be fun.  For me, if it starts to feel like work, I have to walk away for a bit and re-think things until it’s fun again.   Thank you Sew Chicago for being here for all of us and all of us for each other.  Let’s not take it for granted – it’s a gift.

5 thoughts on “Thank you Sew Chicago!

  1. As I’m sure you know, fellow Charter Member, this month marks two years since we started this group and I can’t think of a better anniversary gift than this post. I tell everyone that I “instigated” Sew Chicago because I wanted to get together with others who love to sew so we could learn together and inspire one another. What I got was that, plus the wonderful bonus of very dear friends. I am forever grateful for that.

  2. How wonderful! You certainly have captured my experience. I love to sew, but grew tired of it when it was necessary. Now, however, I can enjoy it as a much loved hobby.

  3. You’re so right Nancy. Thanks to Wendy not just for the fun of sewing again, but for the privilege of getting to know some wonderful and talented women. I never could have imagined such an extraordinary group.

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