Project Runway Remake Challenge Presented by Rowenta

Project Runway Remake Challenge Presented by Rowenta

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C’mon, readers…you know that you watch Project Runway and wonder how the designers can take an existing garment item and transform it to something fabulous in four hours. Well, mostly fabulous in some cases. Does that episode ever make you mentally wander through your closet to see what you can re-construct? Well, here’s your chance. is having a Project Runway ReMake Challenge with a grand prize package from Rowenta. Entries are due at the end of this month. Not much time, but it’s more than the Project Runway designers get.

Reconstructing or upcycling is not only green, but if you’re like me and cutting out the pattern isn’t your favorite part of the sewing process, then this is perfect.

So, go get that tired jean jacket, that oops!-I-didn’t-mean-to-felt-this-sweater, or those pants that DO make your butt look big and give it a new life. Make it classy or make it funkier than you’re used to. Why not? Afterall, you were thinking about getting rid of that piece anyway. Or, what about all those single socks that the dryer left you? Maybe dye them, braid them and turn them into a new chunky infinity scarf. How perfect for this year’s National Sewing Month’s theme of Accessorize Your Life!

I’ve got to finish my Chicago ASG Fashion Show entry first. But I’ll have to squeeze this challenge after that and before finishing the Chicago ASG Fashion Show fabric challenge entry. If you enter this challenge, share us your pictures; we’d love to see them!

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