Truckers that Knit and Quilt!

Men and quilting. Two audiences that Sew Chicago doesn’t have much participation from, but the moment I read this and saw the WSJ video about the trucker who set up an ironing board and sewing machine in his cab, I knew I had to share this with our dear readers.

Sew, in honor of National Sewing month, if you’re a man or a quilter or both, rock on! Keep on sewing!

Wall Street Journal Story on Truckers that Knit and Quilt! Here’s a great story in today’s Wall Street Journal on truckers who have picked up quilting and knitting as a way to de-stress and pass time!  You can read the entire article and check out the video below. WSJ Video on Truckers Quilting & Knitting Idle Pastime: In Off Hours, Truckers Pick Up Stitching With Less to Haul, Drivers Try New Hobbies; Quilting in the Cab By JENNIFER LEVITZ WALCOTT, Iowa—Semi driver Dave White happily sequestered him … Read More

via CHA Blog

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