Celebrating National Sewing Month

Sew – a needle pulling thread…Ok, so Rogers & Hammerstein spelled it as S-O but I think they meant S-E-W. Silly songwriters.

September is National Sewing Month! What are you sewing for National Sewing Month? Do you have anything planned? Replacing a button? On one of your tops, a significant other’s shirt or a Barbie doll dress? Are you finishing a project? Starting a new project? Whatever it is, JUST SEW IT!

To celebrate National Sewing Month, the American Sewing Guild is promoting an “Accessorize Your Life” contest. Prizes are $100, $75 and $50 gift cards to JoAnn’s.

Or you can get in on PatternReview’s Accessory Wardrobe or Sewing for Your Pet contests. Hmmm, I do know a Hungarian Vizsla that wants me to make him a scuba suit and ice boots so Dad can take him to Alaska for winter.

Whatever it is, just sew something this month. It’s a wonderful talent, skill, craft…whatever you want to categorize it as…to have. If you can, share it with someone, too. Maybe be so bold to teach someone how to sew something. Or take a class to brush up on a technique. Make an effort to become better friends with your serger. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to ENJOY YOURSELF! Personally, I enjoy the process as much as the end product, whether I’m making a party dress or a new cover for my sewing machine…wait’ll I show you my new one!

Send us a link or a comment to something you made this month! We’d love to see your projects!

Here’s another version of Do-Re-Mi to get you in the mood. In case you haven’t seen this massive “spontaneous” dancing last year in Belgium, be sure to watch it to the last part as they funk it up. This always makes me smile. Now, I think I will go find a needle to pull some threeaad…

4 thoughts on “Celebrating National Sewing Month

  1. I always think of September as the beginning of a new year. I guess the it’s the conditioning from going to school and the Jewish New Year reinforced that. So September is my time to commit to new undertakings or recommit to person goals (I try to avoid the word “resolution” as that seems to be doomed to early failure). “Sew” it is “fitting” that during National Sewing Month, I’ve committed to practicing one new technique each month until I feel I’ve mastered it, and stepping up my garment completion rate. Boo-boos relegated to the UFO basket don’t count!

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