Could you do this: 365 days, 365 new outfits, for $365?

Could you create 365 new outfits for just $365 in 365 days? I don’t think I could, but someone is trying and very close to succeeding on New Dress A Day.

New Dress A Day blog 'Day 91 before'

I’m amazed and inspired by what this young designer has done. On the right side of her blog, check out the “Monthly Wardrobe Rack” and go back to November 2009 when she started. I’ve made my way through most of the days and months.  Some of my favorite days include: 1, 63, 85, 91, 117, 178, 183, 239, and 262.

With a scissors, occasional dye, and lots of creativity, she has come up with some very cute and very inexpensive outfits. She also does a good job at showing you what she did to the garment; be prepared to see a lot of old shoulder pads tossed out. In some cases, simply shortening a long dress and removing the sleeves are all it takes to get a new piece to wear.

New Dress A Day blog 'Day 91 after'

One of my favorites is Day 91 when she took a standard-issue circa 1980s sweater with cable and popcorn patterns and turned it into a cardigan. When I think of all the old jackets, sweaters, dresses, and pants that I gave away or donated . . . . well, I’m not saying I want them all back, but I could have saved some money by not restocking the wardrobe every season and just revamping. There is a vintage Casual Corner jacket with green suede trim that I’d love to get my hands on now!

I’m a fan of taking something old (or new) and enhancing it, as you can read in the Embellish This 2 post. Reading New Dress a Day has given me even more ideas for my next embellishment project. I hope it does the same for you.

One thought on “Could you do this: 365 days, 365 new outfits, for $365?

  1. I read about this. Amazing. I haven’t read through all her posts, though. I still haven’t gotten the hang of upcycling…strange how there’s no fear to cut into a pristine cut of cloth, but I’m more hesitant when it’s something already made.

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