User-Friendlier Measurement Worksheet

I don’t know about you, but I don’t look like this. I’m not 9 or even 8-1/2 heads tall. I wish my legs were as long as that! So, even though it’s just a drawing to jot down my measurements, I wanted something that looked more like me…well, maybe with some of the not-so-toned belly muscles shaved off a bit.

I searched the Internet a bit more. And, yes, I found a few other options, but not very inspiring. I felt like Golidlocks.

Too bottom-heavy

Kind of alien-looking...and too busty for the chubby one that I would use.


Too bland...hellooo, talk about leaving it to the imagination

Then I found it! One that I could use and would make me smile.

Keyka Lou‘s sewing blog covers everything from quilting to crafts to fashion sewing. And she has a cute drawing for a measurement croquis that isn’t modeled after an Amazonian princess nor like a couch potato (hmmm, reminder to self to do my Tae Bo DVD today). I love how she’s even covered up with pretty undergarments. It’s that kind of detailing that makes me smile and gets me in the mood to sew.

Click the image below or the link to download your copy from Keyka Lou’s website. Thanks, Keyka Lou!! I feel much happier now.

Measurement worksheet (PDF)

2 thoughts on “User-Friendlier Measurement Worksheet

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  2. great measurement chart! Thank you! I love that you found something fun that doesn’t make me want to skip lunch. 🙂

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