Wow! Such the reaction from the last zipper post, “I am not an invisible zipper!” both online and offline. Even my non-sewing friends have mentioned that they are seeing zippers everywhere…and not looking to see if “garage doors” are open. 😉

Then, in my weekly perusal of sewing-related sites and blogs, Susan Khalje has written an article for Threads online titled “Zipper Madness.” Seems like Susan, too, is inspired by the variety of zippers available today: zippers with different colored tapes, luggage zippers and this one that she wonders if the chain is a built-in handle for a purse application.

Threads online: Zipper Madness - zipper with chain

That extra chain sure would make it easier to zip up. No need to find someone to help you.

Googling “zipper embellished”

A quick Google search for other zipper-embellished came up with several items available in the stores:

Avenue's Avenue Zipper Trim Ruffle Top

Sew Chicago Inspiration: Zipper-embellished sandal

Guess Shoes, Baubble Sandal

Calvin Klein Shoes, Lacyee Sandal

Calvin Klein Shoes, Lacyee Sandal

Sew Chicago Inspiration: Zipper-embellished bootie from Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen Zipper & Skull Slingback Sandal

Wouldn’t the Alexander McQueen booties be oh-so-cute! with colored tights? Yet fresh enough for a summer, Pucci-printed silk tunic and bare legs.

Dig into your zipper boxes! Rip them out of those clothes that you’re going to throw away anyway and make something from them. Upcycle when you can, but nonetheless, don’t be afraid to add a little zipper bling to your wardrobe. Post some pics and comment back to us; we’d love to see what you’re doing with those zippers!

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