Men of the Cloth – A Documentary on Italian Master Tailors

Menswear…the forgotten fashion. Without any research data, my guess based only on the message boards that I participate, such as PatternReview,, Threads, Burda Open Style, tend to focus on women’s wear asking and sharing information about sheer fabrics, darting, slopers and working with our own unique figures. But what about menswear?

Menswear…those luscious fabrics of wool suitings and crisp shirtings. Oh, of course we can make women’s wear with it, too. But what about the unique needs in menswear. Particularly in men’s tailoring. Men’s tailoring is becoming a lost art. I don’t mean fixing or adjusting a ready-to-wear suit, but that fine craftsmanship of creating a suit from a flat cloth.

Filmmaker Vicki Vasilopoulis has created a documentary titled “Men Of The Cloth,” following three Italian master tailors and the crossroads they are at today. With them, they face losing a dying art. Younger tailors want to put their own mark and change precedence. But precedence is what brought them to these masters.

The film is not yet distributed. From what I can see on their website, Ms. Vasilopoulis is in post-production, with no release date yet. Click through the website to find the story; I won’t diminish Ms. Vasilopoulis’ vision by trying to re-hash it here. I’m hoping she has the funding to finish her film. It would be a shame to never see this story…and know if we are facing the end of an era of artisans.

Have you made menswear? What were your successes or challenges? Leave us a comment to share your experience. We’d love to hear about it!

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