I am not an invisible zipper!

I’m a zipper. I have bright, shiny teeth to grip and close. But you don’t love me like you used to. These days, you usually opt for my sibling, the invisible zipper. The one that you don’t want to be seen. But I can be beautiful! I am beautiful.

In the hands of Van Cleef & Arpels, I can look like this stunner. >sigh< Originally inspired by Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor.

43 carats, white gold with emerald- and pear-shaped and 57 rod-cut diamonds. Even with all this bling, I still work as a zipper. Another version (even more stunning, if you can believe it) is in the Van Cleef & Arpels window on Michigan Avenue.

Then, there’s the more modest version. [Updated to replace images. The original source of the images were dangerous to some browsers. My apologies.]

If that’s a little out your pocketbook’s range, or if you’re a purist and like my shiny zipper teeth to show off, Kate Cusak uses zippers to make some interesting and modern necklaces and brooches.

Who needs a Bow-dazzler when you have these beauties?

And the wonderful artist woollyfabulous from Toronto has an Etsy shop full of lovely brooches featuring my lovely zipper teeth. Each one is colorful and embraces how my non-invisible zipper teach can texture and shine to a project.

Or how about this other Etsy shop owner, Amalia Versaci, who uses every parts of the zippers for magnets, vases, bracelets, wrist cuffs, earrings and more. How imaginative!

Zipper Trivia: Did you know that the zipper was first introduced at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair?

So, while I understand why you may not want your zipper to show because of my glaring teeth, just remember that I can be quite beautiful. And for these artists, my very visible teeth is an inspiration and not intended to be invisible.  The next time you walk by the zipper display and a glint from the fluorescent lights catches your eye. That’s me winking at you. Oh, I’m not saying that I’m better than my invisible sibling. There’s room to love us both.

I am a zipper. And I am not invisible!

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