I’m in love…with embellishments!

Curvy Girl Prom Dress Bling DetailOk, ok, so this posting is a tad bit late. I started this blog about a month ago, so let’s roll the clock back a bit to April….

While working on Team Nancy/Tina’s Curvy Girl Prom dress for the Glass Slipper Project, I was having trouble getting my facing dress lining to lie flat on the inside point of the v-neck. No matter how much I pressed and pressed. Then I had an inspiration! If you can’t fix it…disguise it!

Thank goodness for Supreme Novelty Fabrics!!!

So, I dashed over to Supreme Novelty Fabrics during lunch. I was able to find a nicely-priced embellishment to put at the V of the neckline where I’m getting the facing fabric showing (my points wouldn’t line up despite Nancy’s great pinning). So, I’ve hidden the mistake. Ha! Take that rolling facing! Which is scarier? That I talk to the fabric or that I want to take vengeance on misbehaving fabric?

The dress is based on Simplicity 3823, a halter dress with a full and swingy skirt. The view we used included two layers of tulle to make the skirt poofy. I had recently come into a large stash of tulle, thanks to Chicago ASG’s Community Service Coordinator, Marge Damm, who has a basement full of lovely finds! (Note to self: check Marge’s “store” whenever I’m stuck for a fabric or trim.) The tulle was salvaged from bridal dresses that were no longer wanted. Yay for upcycling!

I wasn’t able to finish it in time to donate with the rest of the dresses that the Sew Chicago group made, but I finished by the second week of the Glass Slipper Boutique. And, here it is. Click here for a larger view.

This was also my first hand-picked zipper. I didn’t like the way Simplicity had a lapped zipper with the stitching showing on the side. So, I hand-picked the zipper to make it a little less noticeable.

The fashion fabric is a luscious bronze and black cross-dyed polyester and lined with a very lightweight poly. Nancy used serrated scissors for the slippery fabric, but it easily sewed without needing any tissue or slow stitching to prevent snagging.

The construction instructions are something a little left to be desired if you want a finished look on the inside lining. [edit] I‘ll be writing a ; I’ll update this post after it’s written…more promptly than I got this out. I’ve written a detailed review of the pattern, gotchas and what I like about the pattern on PatternReview.

This dress requires small bits of boning in the bodice seams. Here’s someone else’s take on the same pattern on craftster.org’s site…and their ingenious substitute for boning…strips of a plastic detergent bottle!

After making this dress for The Glass Slipper Project boutique, I made two more versions for weddings that I had over Memorial Day. I made the bubble skirt version and added a pocket to one of them. They are made from Maria Pinto fabrics purchased at Fishman’s Fabrics. I’ll post pictures up later and write about my changes. But to give you a teaser, here are the fabric swatches to drool over. Ciao for now!

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