I ♥ My ASG Neighborhood Group

Group hugI joined ASG because I had read that I’d have a buddy to measure me, chalk a hem or learn a new technique. That’s exactly what I needed because none of my friends sewed, most might struggle to replace a button. So, I needed an extra pair of hands…when I needed them. Kind of like borrowing a library book.

I didn’t expect to gain valuable and loving friendships.

I was recently laid off. And my Sew Chicago ladies have been supportive whether letting me vent about how frustrating the experience and how I felt betrayed by a company that I committed 10-1/2 years, to wondering how am I going to pay two mortgages…I paid my parents’ mortgage. And, they’ve also pushed me a bit…am I updating my resume; were there any interesting jobs this week?

But where there is sadness, there is joy. This same group of ladies (only because we happen to have only women in our group, but we’re open to sewing-minded men to join!)…these ladies rejoiced with me when I bought my new sewing machine as a happy-early-birthday and woohoo-my-tax-refund-was-sweeeet! present. It was so nice to have a group of friends with me who were just as happy with my purchase as I.

I didn’t expect to gain friends; I thought I’d have a “buddy” at the most. Instead, I gained close confidants to not only shed tears with, but also ringing laughter until my cheeks hurt.

There is a running stitch that brings us together, and that same running stitch gathers us together tightly in good times and bad. One of our members keeps insisting we’re not a quilting group, but I think we’re a living quilt…sometimes I feel like the worn out patch, but when we’re giggling like teenagers about double-entendres made while taping our dressform clones, I feel like freshly-brushed velvet.

I Sew Chicago.

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