Inspiration in New York’s Garment District

All the great things our group is doing and learning has inspired a dear friend in New York to take sewing lessons.  I directed her to the sewing classes offered at Sew Fast Sew Easy Stitch & Bitch Cafe, which I discovered on the web as a place where the likes of Susan Khaljie and Kenneth D. King teach workshops from time to time.  The Stitch & Bitch University classes are turning out a new generation of urban sewers, thanks to the instruction methods developed by Elissa Meyrich, who had to be talked into posing for this post. Beginning sewers produce a throw pillow and pull-on skirt, all completed during class time and very impressively executed.

This laboratory of creative energy is tucked away in an eighth-floor office suite on West 35th Street.  Besides classes, they sell–in person and online–their own sewing books, carefully-selected sewing notions and knitting supplies, sewing machines, presser feet (including the hard-to-find feller foot and the generic zipper foot that Kenneth King swears by), and an ingenious magnetic seam guide that is a definite must-have.

Here, and in the fabric and trim stores throughout the garment district, we encountered enthusiastic home sewers, designers and students pursuing their dreams. To those who say sewing is a dying art, I say you’re not looking in the right places.

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