Sew Chicago Made Prom Dreams Come True

Tina, Dorian, Wendy & the Curvy Girl Prom Dresses

The 2010 Glass Slipper Project is in full swing, and Sew Chicago was a proud part of it.  When we arrived before 7:30, girls were lined up around the corner in front of Abbott Elementary School, all of them hoping to find the dress of their dreams.  We heard this 11 year-old organization broke all previous records by outfitting over 800 girls in a single day! The volunteer set-up crew did an amazing job organizing and displaying the donated dresses and accessories.

Tina showed us the ropes in the alterations room. Nancy, Chandra and I dug in and shortened dress straps, made small repairs, took a tuck here and a dart there and delighted in how beautiful and happy the girls looked. We even traded sewing tips, and learned some new ones (of course–what else do we do when we get together?!)

After presenting our creations to Glass Slipper Project Co-Founder Dorian, we took them to the racks and watched them being whisked away to the dressing rooms in the blink of an eye! That was the moment that made it all worthwhile.

Team Dress Tina/Nancy

Tightening Sequins

Curing Bodice Gaposis

4 thoughts on “Sew Chicago Made Prom Dreams Come True

  1. Thank you Nancy, Wendy and Chandra for coming. And for everyone’s contributions to the dresses. The couple of Board Members I spoke to were very touched by the contributions, especially for the big sizes. Thank you for bringing my two worlds together; I am so touched with everyone’s enthusiasm for this challenge.

    And I challenge all sewers reading this blog and all other ASG neighborhood groups to make prom dresses for curvy girls. If you are in the Chicago region, you can contact me (Tina) or the Glass Slipper Project directly. If you are outside the Chicago area, here is a list of other organizations whose mission is the same as the Glass Slipper Project,

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