Inspired (and Surprised) By Heirloom Sewing

The first meeting of 2010 was an inspiration fest.  (Okay, all our meetings are like that. :-))

Some of our members were surprised that the suggestion for an heirloom sewing program came from someone who hasn’t looked good in anything frilly since her third birthday, but the light bulb went off when Evelyn Cummings showed us her beautiful samples, then told us how accessible many of the techniques can be.

A little bit of lace can add sophistication and elegance to an otherwise plain blouse.  And then there are pintucks.  I’ve been meaning to learn how to use my pintuck foot for months, and now that I know pintucks can also be achieved on the serger with rows of rolled hem stitching, a whole new world of possibilities has been opened. Camisoles anyone?  How about nighties that make you feel as if you’re in a Merchant-Ivory movie?  And doesn’t every woman need a lace-edged hankie to tuck in her evening bag?  The program won over so many converts, we’re planning a hands-on workshop with Evelyn in the spring.

Next month we’re going to roll up our sleeves and work on our Curvy Girl Prom Dresses for the Glass Slipper Project—show and tell, exchange ideas and advice for meeting the challenges of dealing with slippery fabric, seam finishes, hems, embellishments, etc.  Magic wands are optional, and I promise not to lead a sing-along of “Bibbity Bobbity Boo” (though I probably will be humming that as I work on the dress).

2 thoughts on “Inspired (and Surprised) By Heirloom Sewing

  1. Wendy, I wanted to thank you for allowing me to “tag along” with Evelyn on Saturday. It was so nice to meet new people who have the same interest in sewing. You were a delightful hostess and made me feel so comfortable. The brunch was yummy!

    I hope to peek in on your spring heirloom sewing class at Evelyn’s. She is a great teacher. I am certain you will learn alot and have a great time.

    Thank you.

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