Happy Holidays

Our first-ever holiday celebration is now history, and we all had a great time.  That’s the thing about our group, the mere act of getting together guarantees a good time.  Thanks to Nancy for organizing it all, and thanks to Broadway Cellars for taking such good care of us (and for the bottomless Mimosas)!  Nobody showed up in a muslin.  🙂 I tried to put together a no-pattern cowl neck sweater at the very last minute, but it gave me a dowager’s hump, so I had to settle on wearing my thousand-hour pants.  Nancy wore a show-stopping one-hour tunic and showed us a stunning sample of her new line of handbags, Linda impressed everyone with her fall coat, Tina demonstrated the amazing breadth of her creativity, Liz wore a great quilted jacket and Mary Fran knitted a fabulous scarf.

Everyone received a goody bag, and Linda gave us each a cork and shared with us her great tip for safe disposal of of worn-out needles that also helps remind her of how much she’s sewn over the past year.  We decided Tina would add a Tips page to our blog, so we can publish all the great tips we share at our meetings.  Look for that soon.

I thought I was doing a good thing by creating an address book of our members, but it turned out that I omitted Lee’s name (I really, really do remember typing her information–my computer must have eaten it!), which I will never live down, and I put in too many numbers in one of the addresses.  😦 A second edition of the address book will be coming out shortly.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a gathering of our group without someone drawing a diagram of some great new idea.

Our grab bag gift exchange was a big hit.  Although we decided it would be okay to “steal” after opening, in the end, nobody wanted to relinquish her treasure. 

The BIG NEWS to come out of this gathering is that we decided to change the name of the group to match our blog name.  It was Nancy’s idea, and she was the one who came up with our original name, so we’re not offending anyone.  We will henceforth be Sew Chicago.

Nancy also introduced us to the three patterns from which each of us will choose a dress or tunic to model as a group in the ASG Chicago Chapter fashion show on October 16, 2010.  They are Simplicity 2472, 2927 and 2550.  Check them out.  I think we’re going to look fabulous on the runway!

I was pleased to learn that other members of the group have been visiting this blog.  They will post their profiles soon, I’m sure.  Tina will give us a quick tutorial on posting at our next meeting, before our program on heirloom sewing.  I can’t wait for that.  I’m not the frilly type, except that I do love hemstitching on linen blouses.  But lingerie, sleepwear, table linens and bed linens are a whole different matter. The possibilities are exciting, aren’t they?

2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. I had a FANTASTIC time at the holiday brunch. Thank you all for enriching my life this year!

    I’ve added the “Sew Helpful Tips” page, so feel free to add onto it. If we get so many tips that we need to organize sub-pages within it, we can do that later.

    I’m so excited about the heirloom sewing speaker. I was just reading one of my new serger books and it mentions heirloom sewing on the serger! That’s WAY advanced for me!!

    Happy holidays and have a wonderful new year, everyone!

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