Win A Sewing Machine from U-Handbag

Lisa Lam writes one of my favorite blogs when it comes to sewing. She runs a very sweet handbag supply shop in the UK and also maintains a blog about..what else…making handbags. It’s entertaining and educational. I laugh when she shares about her woes with her machine because it makes me think “me, too! Thank goodness someone else has this problem!”

Currently, she is also running a giveaway for a Janome sewing machine. Read about how to enter at her blog.

The rules are simple…and FUN! She’s asking each participant to post up an image of extreme sewing. Check out the pictures submitted; they’re a riot!

For myself, I’d have to say that fixing my friend’s ski gloves in Chamonix, France with dental floss is as close as it comes to extreme sewing. Not on the mountain top, but while having a co-ed pajama party with plenty of adult beverages on hand.

Where have you done extreme sewing?

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