Zippy Solutions

While recuperating from an abundantly joyful Thanksgiving, I watched Cynthia Guffey‘s enormously helpful DVD, “Complete Guide to Zippers.”  I met Cynthia for the first time at this year’s Original Sewing & Quilt Expo, where I took her classes on Fitting the Upper Back Curve, Fitting Below the Waist, Attaching a Collar, and the phenomenal all-day Body Mapping workshop.  I came away with a ton of useful information and very specific, highly individualized advice.  I also did a little shopping at her booth, and the Zipper DVD was the first one I’ve watched so far.

Cynthia’s instructions are clear and precise, just as they are in her classes.  She set up all the camera work herself, because she said professional videographers don’t know what’s important to sewers.  The reason I wanted this particular DVD is because it covers how to avoid making a mess above and below the zipper, not just how to insert the zipper.  Cynthia tells you how to keep the fabric on either side of the zipper even so they meet at the top the way they are supposed to.  She also shows you exactly how to get everything nice and smooth where the facing meets the body of the garment and at the bottom of the zipper. Her method is similar to one I’ve seen described in a book, but I need visuals to understand how it works.  After watching Cynthia patiently walking through the process step by step, I get it.

You know how we’ve been told to cut a long zipper at the top?  I followed that advice once on a dress and had a mess on my hands.  Cynthia says to cut at the top on a skirt or pants that have a waistband, but not when there is a facing.  And, instead of a hook and eye at the neck facing edge, she puts in a “hanging” snap that stays hidden under the overlap and keeps everything perfectly neat and clean.  She also covers mock fly zippers on pants, and her method looks foolproof.

I have a lot of sewing books and videos that leave me wondering what comes in between the steps they’ve covered.  Cynthia doesn’t leave any gaps at all, and I really appreciate that.  I can’t wait to practice her techniques.

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