Get Ready to be Fairy Godmothers

For most of us, shopping is tons of fun, if not an outright addiction.  But, for some girls shopping is a time of tears and frustration.  My sister, Audrey, was one of those girls.  Imagine if every shopping trip were like the ones where you force yourself to try on bathing suits.  Add a critical mother in the dressing room and you have my sister’s experience with clothes shopping, and the experience of many girls whose curves won’t fit into designers’ ideas of what the female form should look like.

When Tina told us about the Glass Slipper Project, she mentioned that many of the girls who shop the prom dress boutiques have trouble finding dresses in their size.  Immediately, my memories of Audrey’s tear-filled shopping trips came flooding back.  So, I mulled it over for a while and thought about some of the “real women” challenges on Project Runway and asked why couldn’t we challenge ourselves to make fabulous prom dresses for curvy girls and donate them to the Glass Slipper Project.  Sooooooo that’s exactly what the Downright Downtowners are going to do!  I feel like a fairy godmother already.  And, I feel this is a way of honoring Audrey’s memory.

We’d love to have you join us in this challenge.  Our November meeting will be devoted to tips on working with evening wear fabric, and we will be circulating patterns that have possibilities for Curvy Girl Prom Dresses.  I’ll post those tips here and give updates on the project.  For now, let’s get those designer juices flowing and start imagining ourselves as Fairy Godmothers who make a Curvy Girl’s prom dreams come true.

5 thoughts on “Get Ready to be Fairy Godmothers

  1. I didn’t get to go to prom. At least a part of me will be able to go to *a* prom. I’m so excited about this challenge.

  2. I would be happy to donate a dress for prom – I myself had a hard time finding a dress so my mom made mine 🙂
    Then I went on to make many for “curvy” girls ! as well as girls that didn’t have a big budget so I accept this challenge as well !

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