I have a foot fetish!

Such pretty circles!

Such pretty circles!

I suddenly have an urge to get to know…and acquire…new presser feet for my sewing machine! Don’t ask me why. I’ve just become enthralled with the different kinds of feet since watching a demo on HSN. A flower stitch foot to take those lovely decorative stitches into a little wreath of stitches. A pintuck foot for those dainty little rows of fabric that feel so sweet when you brush your fingers along the top. An elastic guide foot would keep that stretchy string so straight. And, oh! a Spanish foot...how have I lived without a Spanish foot to join two edges together…I neeeeeed that foot to start my yet-to-make-me-famous fabric vase collection.

I even bought a book about presser feet, The Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook, with its pretty pictures of each foot.

Now my dirty little secret: When I was younger and had my monster, hand-me-down-from-grandma Kenmore machine, it came with a boxful of strange metal feet. I didn’t appreciate it then. I didn’t play with them. I think I tried the ruffler, but couldn’t understand how to make sure my ruffles fit exactly on my other fabric…I decided it was easier to run basting stitches and pull my ruffles. Such a foolish girl…I had all those feet, but let them slip away when I gave away my old Kenmore before moving. Now, here I am looking at feet that I have to buy — and I had most of them already. What is it that they say?  “Youth is wasted on the young.” And so are presser feet.

3 thoughts on “I have a foot fetish!

  1. presser feet – such a lot of fun in such a small package.

    I have lots of different presser feet, but my favorites are the simplest. I love my straight stitch and open toe feet, but last month I was in love with the blind-hem foot (living room drapes).

    It’s amazing that most of the feet available now have been around for years – We have all the feet that came with Mom’s old Featherweight machine, including the ruffler, narrow hem, and the bias binder.

  2. I finally attached my walking foot to my sewing machine (it wasn’t doing me any good in its box) and I love it! It saved what little of my sanity is left while working on my Curvy Girl Prom Dress (the first and last garment I will ever sew with polyester charmeuse). It’s an intimidating-looking contraption and the instructions warn you to read every word before trying to attach it, but it actually takes all of 30 seconds to attach. I think the instructions may have been written by a guy who thinks women have no idea how to handle a screwdriver. Now that I know how useful it is and how easy it is to attach to my machine, my walking foot will be walking across many yards of slippery fabric, as well as fabric with lines or boxes that need to be lined up at the seams.

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